Designers & Artisan Producers

The Estate Yard is delighted to include products in their curated collections from many designers and artisan producers and here are a few of our favourites.

Anita Le Grelle is no stranger to lovers of refined ceramics. The stoneware goblets which are part of her collection, Terres de Rêves, is unique in colour and shape, every item from this eclectic collection bears the designer’s signature. The elegant materials and subtle forms create a magical commensal experience that inspires and makes people dream. 

Marie Michielssen is a Home designer and draws her inspiration from daily life. She lets different stimuli lead and inspire her to make new designs. Her impressions are translated into original designs such as tea lights which invariably come back in a new form in every new collection. Shop glass tea lights from her collection here


Paola Navone is an Italian designer and her tableware collection, Fish & Fish, was inspired by the tastes and colours of her many travels and is based on the products made during the Great Depression in the 1930s. Accessible, solid and meticulously studied, this collection will find its way to all possible tables. The glasses are made of pressed glass and available in Jadeite (green glass). Shop from her collection of jadeite glassware here 

Michael Angove is a specialist in surface pattern, with particular emphasis on finely drawn trompe l’oeil and complex botanical chinoiserie. His attention to detail, hidden imagery and clever use of shadow makes his pattern, designs and products both beautiful and entertaining. Shop his collection of birch trays here

Herbivore Botanicals bring you products that are safe, non-toxic, and highly effective. They believe in tangible results you can see and feel, and believe in the power of nature to bring these results. 

 Sergio Herman (1970) has inherited his love for cookery from his father, with whom he worked side by side at the ‘Oud Sluis’ restaurant for several years, before taking it over entirely in 1990. There, he brought to life the fresh high-quality products from the polders and the waters of Zeeland, thereby laying the foundation of what would become an unparalleled ‘wow’ kitchen, and would eventually earn him 3 Michelin stars. In 2013, Sergio decided to close the doors of the ‘Oud Sluis’ restaurant, because it was limiting him in his quest for development and evolution. In 2010, he opened his second business: Pure C Bar & Restaurant in Cadzand-Bad, and in 2014 he opened his latest innovative, contemporary restaurant, ‘The Jane’, a former chapel of a military hospital in Antwerp. With this latest project, Sergio proved once and for all, that food really is his religion. Shop his collection of wine glasses here


“It is often in the slow meditative drawing proces that the unexpected happens and an idea, or a dream takes form on the paper “

Danish illustrator and designer Sofie Børsting is based in Copenhagen and educated from the Danish Design School in 2003. After many years of working in the design industry she finally followed her dream and created an illustrated line of products in 2011. They quickly took off, and are now sold in some of the finest designshops in Scandinavia and around the world.

The very detailed artwork is created from a combination of carefully hand drawn botanical elements, collage and gouache.

She desribes her work as Graphic poetry with a hint of fairy tale.

Shop her collection of birch trays manufactured by Ary Trays Sweden here

 Moglea is an Iowa-based letterpress studio that focuses on the craft of artful stationery and paper goods. Production processes are done by hand and make each piece feel
one-of-a-kind. Shop here for Moglea stationery

Studio Carta, is an internationally recognized design studio specializing in custom ribbons, unique accessories and fine stationery imported directly from Italy.  It is the vision of bookmaker and designer Angela Liguori, herself originally from Rome, who now makes her home in the Boston Area. As the exclusive US importer of 100% cotton ribbons from Italy, Studio Carta works directly with manufacturers who have been using the same high quality materials and practices since the 19th century. They have more recently expanded their line of manufactured goods from Italy to include specialty office supplies, notions and desk accessories. Angela also collaborates with other designers, calligraphers, and printmakers to create original letterpress stationery and other personalized products. The paper designs, ribbons and accessories are internationally distributed to gift shops and specialty boutiques. Shop here for metallic ribbon

 Esmie was founded in 2009 by graphic designer Kim Harrup-Brook.  Despite the digital era Kim spent her 3 years at University immersing herself in print making - honing her skills in time-honoured traditions including letterpress printing, etching, silk screen printing and bookbinding. Shop here for paperback notebooks.